Can I Still Seed?


Question: Can I still seed?

Answer: Absolutely, 100%, most indubitably, with no doubt, yes!!!!!!

Question: It is getting a little chilly out. Are you sure?

Answer: Absolutely, 100%, most indubitably, with no doubt, yes!!!! That is a good question though. It does feel a bit chillier out. I have been bundling up a bit more at night but grass likes the chill much more than I do. The warm daytime temperatures we have been experiencing this fall combined with the cooler nights make for perfect grass growing weather.

Question: Do I have to do anything different this time of the year than if I were seeding in the spring?

Answer: Not really. Seeding procedures are basically the same, however, you do get a teeny tiny break with watering. I say this with hesitation because if I give you an inch, I do not want you to take a mile. Meaning, if I tell you that you get to water a little less in the cooler fall, I am afraid you will not water at all! Moisture is still key to germination folks. Seed, whether it is hot or cool, still needs water to grow. Be sure that the seed feels damp daily. Remember, no puddles!

Question: If I seed, what kind of fertilizer do I put down? Do I still put down the Fall Lawn food?

Answer: I would prefer that you put down a Lawn Starter for a fertilizer with your new grass seed. But guess what folks?! I still want you to put down your Fall Lawn Food, just a little bit later. It is better to put Fall Lawn Food down after the last mow of the season. In other words, put your new grass seed with Starter Fertilizer, and in about a month, apply the Fall Lawn Food. This is the ultimate program for your new and existing lawn.

Question: What about Lime? People always mention Lime in the fall. Do I need it if I seed? Can I put it down with grass seed?

Answer: Lime, ah sweet lime. Yes, Lime this time of the year is great. Lime is slow to change the pH of your soil, so if you apply it in the fall, it will work its magic all winter and make for a better lawn next spring. You absolutely can put Lime down with a new grass seed. It will not hurt it at all or you can wait and put Lime down at the same time as your Fall Lawn Food, after the last mow of the season.

Question: What if it gets really cold and my new grass seed does not finish growing?

Answer: Have no fear, your grass will continue its growth in the spring as soil temperatures warm up.

Question: So are you telling me that my fall projects are not over yet for the year?

Answer: Absolutely, 100%, most indubitably, with no doubt, yes!!!!

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