Amaryllis bulbs make great gifts and are well known for their huge, showy blooms during the holiday season. Generally, bulbs with bloom 7-10 weeks after planting, so start them now for amazing flowers by mid-December!

  • Plant the bulbs about 1/2 to 3/4 of the way up in a nutritious potting compost, being careful not to damage the roots.
  • Make sure to choose a pot with drainage holes and do not pack the soil. Amaryllis are vulnerable to bulb and root rot and should never be left to sit in water.
  • Set the bulb securely upright in place after planting.
  • Fertilize with Van Wilgen’s All Purpose Slow Release Plant Food to ensure healthy blooms!
  • Place the potted bulb in a warm place with direct light. (The ideal temperature is 68 – 70°F.)
  • Water sparingly until the stem appears. Then, as the bud and leaves appear, gradually water more. At this point, the stem will grow rapidly and flowers will develop after it has reached full growth.

Remember, if you can’t plant the bulbs immediately after receiving them, store them in a cool place between 40-50°F.