Christmas Tree Varieties

O Christmas tree, o Christmas tree, what kind of Christmas tree is best for me?

For many of us, putting up and decorating a Christmas tree is a staple of the holiday season. Gathering with the family, pulling out boxes of handmade ornaments, and finding the perfect branch to put each one on is a time-honored tradition. For the truly adventurous, choosing a tree begins with a trek into our tree field with a saw in hand and seemingly limitless choices around you. At Van Wilgen’s, we carry several varieties of Christmas trees, each with unique features. To help make the choice a little easier, we’ve compiled a few quick facts about our favorite tree options.

Fraser Fir

  • Pre-cut trees range in size from 4 feet up to 11 feet tall
  • Needles are short, dark green with a silver underside
  • Soft to the touch
  • Very fragrant with excellent needle retention
  • Branches are strong, making them great for heavy ornaments

Douglas Fir

  • Trees are up to 8-9 feet in height
  • Needles are long and light green
  • Soft to the touch
  • Very full shape
  • Extremely fragrant – smells like oranges!
  • Best needle retention

Blue Spruce

  • Up to 10 feet in height
  • Needles are a frosty blue color
  • Sharp to the touch…Kids and pets be careful!
  • Has the strongest branches, making it the best choice for heavy ornaments
  • Pleasant fragrance
  • Good needle retention

Turkish Fir

  • A Van Wilgen Favorite!
  • Up to 7-8 feet in height (6-7 feet is average)
  • Dark green needles with silvery undersides
  • Needles are larger and showier than Fraser Fir
  • Soft to the touch
  • Best fragrance and needle retention
  • Sturdy branches are perfect for heavy ornaments

We look forward to seeing you soon!