Crazy Crustaceans

You know the sun hasn’t come out in a while when you start finding Crawfish walking around the bulk yard! This little guy, who we’ve nicknamed “Carl the Crayfish” was encountered by Dan and Jason last Thursday. This mini lobster look-alike had all curious, so with a little internet research, we’ve found out that there are actually 7 different species of these guys who live in CT. They are not only reserved for the bayou. Carl and his relatives can survive up here but only if the body of water doesn’t freeze to the bottom and only if the body of water is very clean/no pollution with lots of aeration. I guess this Pacific Norwest-like weather has more than just the ducks happy. Trust me, this feels exactly like Oregon, I lived through it out there!
Without the sun poking out for what seems like weeks now and the constant drizzle, Carl the Crayfish was able to get out of the river for an afternoon stroll. Little did Carl know he would end up know starring face to boots with Dan and Jason. He puffed himself up and opened his claws ready to attack. The picture immediately makes me laugh thinking of the scene in Finding Nemo when the Australian crabs start snapping their claws and barking “hey, hey, hey” whenever anything gets close to them.
Someone once told me a day that goes by where you did not learn something is a day wasted. Last Thursday was certainly not wasted, we learned a lot about crawfish, crayfish, crawdads, or Carl, whatever you would like to call them.
Ryan Van Wilgen