Create your own Tropical Oasis

June is right around the corner, there’s no time like the present to turn your home into a tropical oasis of your very own.

As the weather starts warming up there’s nothing like sitting in your own backyard surrounded by tropical plants making memories to last a lifetime with your family.

I always seem to talk so much about all our tropical flowers, let me spend some time talking about all the tropical palms that will really give you that lush tropical feeling like you get when you are on vacation.

Our favorite Palms for your porch or patio are:

  • Phoenix Robellini- (pygmy date palm) the palm that most of us think of as the perfect tropical palm. This palm loves the sun, can tolerate some shade, and likes to go dry between waterings.
  • Spindle Palm- a slow-growing palm, giving you the true tropical flare. This palm is a great container plant because of its slow-growing habit. Imagine this palm with some tropical hibiscus surrounding it in your favorite container.
  • Areca Palm- (butterfly palm) This is a great porch or patio palm, as it likes bright indirect lighting, so if you have a covered porch with good lighting this is the palm for you.I like this one for its feathery fronds. I can just picture swinging in my porch swing with the wind blowing through the palm.
  • Majesty Palm- This is your classic palm, a great container palm for your shady area. This palm unlike other palms also likes to be kept on the wetter side and loves humidity.

So as you can see palms are very different and all do not like sunny conditions as one often associates with palms. So no matter what your lighting conditions are there is a palm for you to help you create your own backyard oasis.