Early Spring Lawn Prep

As the weather warms, you may wonder what you can do to help your grass recover from winter stress. Follow the steps below to get your lawn ready for SPRING!


  • General Clean-Up: Rake away all the winter debris on your lawn to get it prepped for the next steps!
  • Test Your pH: One of the most important things to start with is to grab a soil tester and figure out what the pH of your soil is. The ideal pH is somewhere between 6.2 and 7.2. This will result in optimal conditions to maintain a beautiful, deep green, and lush lawn.
  • Apply Lime (For Low pH): If your soil pH is below 6.2, apply lime. Low soil pH prevents plants from absorbing nutrients efficiently. The result is weak, thin grass with bare spots and weeds. How low the pH will determine how much lime you’ll need.
  • Apply Gypsum (For Winter Damage): If salt damage from the winter storms has affected your lawn health, apply gypsum. Gypsum is an underused product that greatly reduces saline in your soil, improves soil conditions and water penetration, and loosens compact soils like clay.
  • Fertilize: A fertilizer can help aid in winter recovery and early spring green-up.
  • Apply Crab Grass Pre-Emergent: Knock out crabgrass before it is established! Timing is everything on this one… apply when the forsythia blooms but before the lilacs bloom.

Van Wilgen’s Product recommendations

Below are some of our favorite products for early spring lawn care. You can find all of these in our solution center, located in our main store in North Branford.

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Earth Science Fast-Acting LIME

  • Naturally raises soil pH
  • Helps plants absorb nutrients, resulting in a greener lawn
  • Adds essential calcium back into the soil
  • Works quickly and lasts for a long time

Earth Science Fast-Acting GYPSUM

  • Repairs salt-damaged soil
  • Loosens clay and breaks up compact soils
  • Improves water penetration and root development
  • Works quickly and lasts for a long time

GreenView Step 1: Crabgrass Control plus Lawn Food

  • Feeds, greens, and thickens your lawn
  • Prevents and controls crabgrass and other grassy weeds (like foxtail, goosegrass, barnyard grass, and annual bluegrass)
  • Improves water absorption and speeds up root growth

Sustane ORGANIC Step 1: Early Spring Weed and Feed

  • Organic, OMRI-listed line that’s brand new to our store!
  • Prevents weeds from establishing in the spring
  • Helps promote thicker lawns and lasting turf color

Espoma ORGANIC Spring Lawn Booster

  • Lasting nitrogen for early spring green-up
  • Enhanced with extra calcium, an important plant nutrient
  • Safe for use on all lawns, including newly seeded and sodded areas

Espoma ORGANIC Weed Preventer

  • Made from 100% corn gluten meal
  • Prevents common weeds like crabgrass and dandelions
  • Provides lasting nitrogen for deep greening