Fruit Bearing Fall Interest

Lots of people love fall for the bright colored leaves of their trees and shrubs. But did you know you can also add fall color to your landscape with fruit-bearing plants? These trees and shrubs add a burst of color, feed the birds and add visual interest through the fall (and into the winter). What’s not to love? Create a focal point in your landscape with one of our fruit-bearing favorites:


Red Sprite Winter Berry

  • Grows 4’x4’
  • Full to Part Sun
  • Bright red fruit that attracts birds
  • Great winterberry for a small space garden

Early Amethyst Beauty berry

  • Grows 6’x6’
  • Full Sun
  • Pink flowers in spring
  • Shiny purple fruit in fall
  • Great fall leave color as well

Blue Princess Holly

  • Grows 8’x8’
  • Full to part sun
  • Deep blue-green pointed leaves
  • Bright red fruit in fall
  • Great for holiday arrangements

American Dogwood

  • Grows 20’x20’
  • Part sun to shade
  • Lovely white or pink flowers in spring
  • Striking cherry-red fruit in fall
  • Fall foliage color in shades of red

Japanese Dogwood

  • Grows 30’x 30’
  • Full to part sun
  • Multicolored bark in winter
  • Creamy white flowers in late spring
  • Red raspberry-like fruit in fall

Cardinal Candy Viburnum

  • Grows 6’x6’
  • Full to part sun
  • Fragrant white flowers in spring
  • Candy-like red fruit in fall
  • Red-orange fall leaf color


  • Full Sun
  • Grows 6’x6’
  • Waxy white or pink berries in fall
  • Pink clusters of flowers in spring
  • Fruit stays on the plant long through the winter


  • Grows 5’x5’
  • Full to part sun
  • White flowers in spring
  • Dusty blue fruit in fall
  • Semi-evergreen
  • Salt tolerant