Holiday Houseplants

Poinsettias aren’t the only holiday houseplants you can get for this special season! Whether you want to make your own mini ‘Charlie Brown’ tree, or just looking for some indoor festive color, we have something for you!

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Cyclamen are a favorite for their bright color and active blooms throughout the holidays. Quick tip: make sure you are watering the base of the plant and not on top of the blooms!

Lemon Cypress

Lemon cypress introduces a little bit of a lighter green into the house, making it a unique and fun choice for decorating!

Christmas Cactus

Christmas cacti are popular for a reason! These beautiful plants bloom right around the holidays and can be passed down from generation to generation since they get so old and so big.

Norfolk Island Pine

Another excellent choice is Norfolk Island Pine! Add some small ornaments on these and you have your own little ‘Charlie Brown’ tree.