Holiday Picture Time

It’s that time of year here at the garden center when we peek through the holiday greens on the patio and spot families trudging through our tree fields, decked out in their Sunday best, bags of pre-wrapped gifts or other props in hand. Everyone’s in search of the perfect spot to take the annual family photo. So many of these photos will end up being featured in holiday cards. If your like us and love to make your own cards instead of purchasing store-made ones, we know you’ll want your photos to be extra special.

We also know that in the midst of the yuletide season, with decorating, gift buying, worrying about delivery dates, backorders, and everything in between this holiday season, accomplishing a family photo can feel like an Olympic event! Wouldn’t it be great if someone made it a little easier for you? That’s where we can help.

In addition to our tree field, you can find photo-perfect decorated areas and lovely vignettes for you and your families to pose with. You can stop by one of our classic red barns, pose with one of our tractors or Dimond T truck, or get festive in the tree field. There are also loads of colors and photo-op spots located in the greenhouse and on our front patio. The sky is the limit! It’s a fun, festive time of year and it’s always a joy for us to be able to help.

Just in case you are looking for a few pointers on how to create great photos, here are a few simple tips:

  • The best place to get flattering, natural lighting is outside.
  • Try shooting in the morning or late afternoon to avoid the squint-inducing glare of direct sunlight.
  • Find an area that your family can be in the shade, to secure even, soft light.
  • Take a walk around, and see what areas inspire you. The sky’s the limit!