VanWisdom: How to get the most out of your tropical plants

It’s that time of the year when we are all making our homes look and feel like our own tropical paradise.

Here are a few hints to help keep your plants happy and healthy all summer long.

  • Make sure you know lighting conditions, as some tropicals like full sun and others like more indirect lighting.
  • Most plants have different watering conditions and times, so get to know your plant and water as needed and required.
  • Plants need food too, using Van Wilgen’s slow-release fertilizer once a month will keep your plant happy.
  • Sometimes your plants need a haircut occasionally. Keeping your plants trimmed up and free of any branches or leaves that don’t look great keep the energy going to the rest of the plant where its need to look awesome.

Just remember plants are just like you or me. They need and require everything we do.

Sun, warmth, water, food, haircuts, water, and of course love.