Is it too early to plant?

This time of year, one of the most popular questions we receive at the garden this time of year is definitely; Is it too early to plant? The general rule of thumb is if you can dig a hole (no frost in the ground), it is ok to plant. The majority of our perennial and nursery stock is cold climates grown to our growing region and they handle the colder temperatures.
Also, there are some general planting guidelines that we like to offer when it comes to installing plant material. We recommend digging a hole twice the size of the root ball. Also, it is really a great idea to amend the current soil with VW Premium Planting mix (Topsoil, Compost, and Peat Moss). After the hole is completely filled in, an application of VW Jumpstart transplant fertilizer should be made to the plant. If you should have any additional plants about planting instructions or cold-sensitive plants, do not hesitate to contact us at the garden center.
Happy Gardening!