Knockout Summer Color

Customers routinely ask me for something that blooms all summer long
with low maintenance. I usually push colorful annuals or long-blooming
perennials. But what to suggest to folks who want to plant something
and walk away? I suggest my “go-to plant” for full sun: the Knockout
series of roses! Eyes go wide when I suggest roses. “Aren’t roses a
lot of work?” In the case of Knockouts, these roses really aren’t!
Star Roses have changed how we view and grow roses!

Culture is simple, like true roses they love full sun. The more sun,
the better the blooming! Keep them adequately watered and fed and you
will get a flower display that rivals geraniums! Rose-Tone works
wonders! Deadheading spent blooms and rose hips isn’t even necessary!
I like to think of the single varieties as self-cleaning as the petals
drop on their own. But, removing spent blooms will keep your plants
reblooming faster and heavier. Follow the standard rule, pruning just
above the healthiest set of five leaves below the spent blooms.
The fragrance is a mellow “salt spray rose” perfume. Expect flowers into
late September!

For roses in containers, consider Knockout’s siblings: the Drifts!
Knockout easy care and hardiness found in compact plants. Drifts offer
single and double flowers in wonderful colors.

Seeing is believing! Stop by any of our stores to check out our
selection of Knockouts and Drifts!