Looking sharp in our greenhouse!

Over the last few years, the cactus has become the most wanted and most asked for plant here at Van Wilgen’s.

Almost everywhere you look you can find cacti, whether it’s here in the greenhouse or in any magazine, and even on clothing.

It really doesn’t get any easier than cactus. It truly is the perfect plant for the busy millennial family. They really do take care of themselves with little or no help from you. Their hardiness to handle the hot sun, requiring very little water, and their cool aesthetic-looking varieties make it an easy pick for just about anyone.

Many of our customers have a collection of cacti. They are always coming in to add just one more. You can never have too many, right??

My love for cactus comes from my many trips out west to Arizona and Utah. A trip every cactus lover should do at least once. Arizona is where I had my first prickly pear cactus for dinner. Did you know you can eat cactus?? Although it wasn’t my favorite, I did like it in the form of a prickly pear margarita.

So if you have not yet added cacti to your family of plants at your home, now’s the time to get with the trend and try these easy-care low maintenance plants.