Memorial Gardens

A memorial garden is a lasting way to commemorate the memory of a loved one. The flowers in the garden may be connected in some way to the person being memorialized, for instance, they may be favorites of the deceased, or they may recall the loved one’s favorite color or favorite season. If the person you are memorializing did not have a favorite flower, you can choose plants that have special meaning for you.

Sometimes it helps to actually see ideas, even if you won’t create the same memorial garden. There are so many plants in bloom to choose from.

Here are a few ideas for memorial gardens:

Butterfly Memorial Garden
A very special memorial garden, usually most appropriate for a woman or little girl, is a butterfly garden. This involves plantings of special flowers and shrubs that are known to attract butterflies.

Forget Me Not Memorial Garden
Plant a small patch of forget me not flowers, and either add a small bench where you can sit and reminisce, or add a memorial plaque. What a lovely reminder to plant in your memory garden.

Veggie Garden
If your loved one was a chef or just enjoyed cooking consider planting herbs and veggies in their honor.

If honoring a fallen soldier, plant flowers in red, white, and blue. A lovely combination of patriotic memorial garden plants is blue delphinium, red petunias, and white phlox. For color year-round, intermingle bulbs that come up at different times of the year.

Remember: Before putting any trees, shrubs, flowers, or vegetables into the ground, make sure you assess the area’s sunlight. Some plants are sun lovers and some are shade lovers. Plant accordingly. And ask questions. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are always available to answer your questions.