Plants for Winter Interest

Posted on November 1st, 2017

Have you ever thought about the beauty a plant can add to a snowy landscape? Here at Van Wilgen’s we have a variety of options if you are looking for a way to add color and interest to your winter landscape.  Our favorites all offer an unexpected plant feature for winter, bright berries, colorful or textured foliage, or unusual bark — add a welcome element to gardens. Plants with winter interest brighten and add depth to a landscape during the coldest months in New England. Keep in mind that you can continue adding to your landscape, fall is a fantastic time to plant!
Oakleaf Hydrangea ( bark )
Physocarpus ( Bark )
Stewartia ( Bark ) 
Birch  ( Bark ) 
Red Twig Dogwood ( Stem Color ) 
Red Sprite Winterberry ( Berries ) 
Crippsi ( Cypress ( Yellow Evergreen )
Callicarpa – Beauty Berry ( Berries )
Witch Hazel ( Blooms in February )
Walking Stick ( Branch Structure )
Blue Holly ( Evergreen / Berries )
Ornamental Grasses