Protect Your Landscape

During winter, hungry animals look for twigs and buds to eat off your favorite trees and shrubs. Animals aren’t the only threat though, rough wind and beaming sun will dry out your evergreens. Make sure you pick up the right products to help preserve your landscape during these cold months!


Hungry deer, rabbits, and field mice primarily feast on the twigs and buds of many trees and shrubs during the winter. This is when they can do the most damage to your landscape as they eat away at the structure of your plants. Messina’s Animal Stopper and Deer Stopper contain natural food-grade ingredients like rosemary oil to repel animals naturally, working through taste, smell, and feel. It is also completely kid and pet-safe.


Evergreens are prone to drying out during winter as harsh winds and sunlight wreak havoc on them. To combat this from happening, we recommend Wilt-Pruf. Wilt-Pruf is an anti-dessicant we trust and use on our own plants! Even if you have previously applied Wilt-Pruf, we recommend reapplying after the new year since harsh UV rays can break it down over time. To ensure Wilt-Pruf is effective and lasts as long as possible, apply it on a cloudy day with above-freezing temps.

Both of these products can be found in our solution center in our North Branford location. Stop by today and PROTECT YOUR LANDSCAPE!