Red, White, and Blue Blooms

‘American Pride’ – Proven Winners Container Recipe – Photo courtesy of Proven Winners –

Get creative this Independence Day with your own red, white, and blue containers! What better way to celebrate than to spend time outdoors making the patriotic plant mix of your dreams? Pick out a plant or two of each color with similar soil and light requirements and varying textures for best results.

Not sure where to start? We always recommend the tried and true “thriller, filler, and spiller” method. Start by choosing a plant with some drama and height (thriller), add in a mid-height companion plant (filler), and then complete the arrangement with a hanging plant that will spill over the side of your container rather than grow upright (spiller). This method works well to give the appearance of a full arrangement. Just keep in mind the size of your container when choosing the size of your houseplants. You don’t want to have too much excess space or squeeze plants into a small container. You’ll also want to think about the mature size and shape of the plants you’re choosing.

Check out our list below for some of the best plant options in each color category for patriotic mixes!

Red Picks

Red Zinnia

Full Sun
Sunpatiens, Zinnia, Geranium

Red Million Bells

Part Sun
Red Calibrachoa Million Bells, Cigar Plant

Red Impatiens

Partial to Full Shade
Coleus, Impatiens

White Picks

White Petunia

Full Sun
Petunia, White Sweet Alyssum, White Lantana, Dusty Miller

Diamond Frost Euphorbia

Part Sun
Diamond Frost® Euphorbia

White Begonia

Partial to Full Shade
White Polka Dot Plant, Begonia

Blue/violet Picks

Blue Salvia

Full Sun
Blew My Mind® Euphorbia, Blue Morning Glory, Salvia

Laguna® Sky Blue Lobelia

Part Sun
Blue Lobelia, Black and Blue Salvia

Summer Wave® Trailing Large Blue Torenia

Partial to Full Shade
Superbena® Verbenas, Torenia