Spring Fever

Posted on April 14th, 2017

Finally, mother nature is easing up on us just a bit.

With the sun finally shining and warmer temperatures you can’t help but feel the energy here at Van Wilgen’s. Every day we have more and more plants making their way up from the growing department. Billy and his crew have done their job, growing the most amazing crop of spring/summer color to fill our greenhouse. With the temperature on the warmer side these days, we need to be mindful that we are still in the month of April. So, even though temps are warm during the day, the night time temps can still be a little cool for some of the plants we grow in the greenhouse. Look for our signs that will remind you if a plant needs to be above a certain temperature, or just ask one of us, we are here to help make your gardening experience as easy as possible. Mid May is usually when it’s safe to plant outside worry free. Until then if you are buying a plant such as a geranium, you will need to protect it if the temperature drops below 50 degrees at night.

I generally say there are 3 stages of spring/summer plants.

  • Pansies,nemesia,and osteospermum daisies.( hardiest )
  • Petunias,bacopa,alyssum,snap dragons dusty miller and fuchsias.( handles cooler temps, but above 35 degrees )
  • The rest of the summer annuals (50 degrees and above )

If you really want to feel spring fever stop in and walk through our tropical paradise, enter through the back of our greenhouse. Take a deep breath and enjoy. Remember tropical temperatures are 50 degrees and above day and night.