Easy Orchid Care in 3 Steps

Orchids have become a houseplant fan favorite, and rightfully so. The indoor plants add a touch of the exotic to any home and bloom for weeks at a time. Plus, orchids are typically easy to care for and relatively low-maintenance once they are established.

Here are three ways to keep your orchid happy and healthy!

3 Secrets to Orchid Success

1) Light & Temerature

Orchids love light, yet direct sun can often burn their delicate leaves and flowers. Avoid damaging orchids, by placing them near a window with a sheer curtain. Sun rays will seep through the curtain, providing your orchid with just the right amount of light. Or, keep your orchid in a well-lit area in your home to completely avoid the risk of sun damage. While they do love warm temperatures during the day; they also like to keep cool at night, so let your orchid chill at the end of the day in a cooler room. In the summer, if the heat breaks and temperatures drop below 65 degrees Fahrenheit at night, you can place your orchid outside to cool. Just be sure to remove it from direct sunlight before morning.

2) Water

Water is probably where most of you have issues with your orchids. When we say water, we do NOT mean ice cubes. Sometimes when you buy an orchid they come with a tag that says to use one ice cube, but please, throw that tag away and don’t do that. My way of explaining it to most of you is, “how would you feel if you were thirsty and I gave you an ice cube to put on your lips”. First off you wouldn’t get enough water at any given time to quench your thirst. And most important you couldn’t keep it on your lips because it’s too cold. If it’s too cold for your lips it’s too cold for the orchid’s airy roots. If you think about it, orchids don’t have ice cubes in the rain forest where they grow naturally. So instead, just take your orchid to the sink let the water run completely throughout, let drain, and put it back in its favorite spot. Now, relax and enjoy its beauty.

3) Proper Potting

You won’t need to re-pot your orchid very often, typically once a year. Start with Espoma’s Organic Orchid Mix and then plant your orchid in plastic growing pots. These containers have great drainage, avoiding problems related to overwatering.

If you’d like a more stylish pot to add to your décor, simply place the plastic container inside the decorative one.

Follow these simple tips and your orchid will produce beautiful flowers you’ll be enjoying for years to come!