Swag, Wrap & Rope

Posted on November 29th, 2018

Time to swag, rope and wrap. Turn your plain doorway, mantle, railing, or lamp post into a fragrant, holiday wonderland with fresh cut garland.Follow the formulas to determine just how much garland you need to beautify your home or business.

*Doorway formula:  Measure height x 2 + door width = amount garland needed
i.e. Standard doorway is 10 feet tall x 4 feet wide = need 24 feet garland

*Mantle formula for swaging:  Measure length of mantle x 1.5 = amount garland needed i.e. Standard Mantle is 6 feet wide x 1.5 = need 9 feet garland to swag

*Banister formula for swaging: Measure length of banister x 1.5 = amount garland needed i.e. Banister is 10 feet long x 1.5 = need 15 feet garland to swag

*Banister formula for wrapping: Measure length of banister + height of newel post and then x 2 = amount garland needed i.e Banister is 10 feet long + 3 foot high newel post = 13 feet x 2 = need 26 feet of garland to wrap

*Lamp post formula for wrapping:  Measure height of lamp post x 2 = amount garland needed i.e. Lamp post is 8 feet high x 2 = need 16 feet of garland to wrap

There is no right or wrong to holiday decorating!  We will cut any of our various styles of garland to any length.  Enjoy the scent and beauty of your fresh cut garland this holiday season.

*Don’t forget to Wilt-Pruf!