We always do our best to let you know what’s new, and when you can expect to see the plants you’ve been looking for. To make it a little easier this year, we’ve compiled a list of some of our most asked about plants, and when you might be able to get them here at the Garden Center. Keep in mind that most of these plants are very weather and temperature-dependent, so sometimes a shipment may have to be delayed.

Don’t see the plant you’re looking for? Just give us a call. We’re always here to help!

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This time of year we are all itching to get in the garden. All it takes is a few warm days, some sunshine and we are all ready to dig in the dirt. At the garden center we get asked all the time, what can I plant now? There are many choices for early spring perennials, and with proper planting, you too can have beautiful blooms this time of year. Just be sure to amend your soil with Van Wilgens Premium Planting Mix and add Jump Start to push root growth so your perennials have a healthy start. Top with mulch so your blooms stay nice and cozy and your good to go! Here a few of my early spring favorites.

  1. Hellebore- Great shade-tolerant deer-resistant perennial that comes in a rainbow of colors
  2. Candytuft (Iberis)- profuse white blooms and neat mounding habit make for a perfect early season edging plant
  3. Columbine (Aquilegia)- Eastern US Native with distinctive show-stopping flowers
  4. Creeping phlox- Gorgeous mounding groundcover with pastel flowers giving way to mossy green foliage
  5. Forget me not (Myosotis)- Long-lasting, true blue flowers make for an unforgettable plant
  6. Rockfoil (Saxifraga)- a super cold hardy plant with early blooms that’s at home in any alpine planter or garden
  7. Yellow Alyssum (Aurinia)- traditional cottage garden border plant that’s also at home in alpine gardens or as a border groundcover
  8. Windflower (Anemone)- The early spring entry in this broad plant family provides huge blooms in an array of colors to brighten up any spring landscape

Will O’Hara

Perennial Manager

Spring is in bloom in our greenhouse! All you have to do is walk through the greenhouse doors and the aroma of spring hits you. Just stop, take a big breath in, it’s good for the soul.

The greenhouse is full of so many springtime favorites right now.

The colorful pansies are probably the first thing you will notice. Though pansies are tiny, they are also tough. Go ahead and plant your pansies outside and get your spring on, they can handle temps down to 28 degrees.

With Easter right around the corner, we have all your true Easter favorites in stock and ready to find a forever home.

Easter was one of my favorite holidays as a kid. Although the candy was always good, the thing that I remember most is actually the flowers. The smell of the Easter lilies and the hyacinths in particular are forever burned in my memory. So now, when I smell the sweet aroma of Easter I can’t help but think back to all the wonderful memories I had with my family.

I hope when these Easter plants find their forever home with you, they will help you create memories as memorable as mine.

Happy Spring/Easter Everyone!!!!!

As if a greenhouse full of pansies wasn’t enough for our spring season, we’ve crafted some fun spring Custom Containers as well! We filled our favorite little twig baskets with outdoor spring favorites, like pansies and forget me nots, and violas with bright English daisies. With a festive pick and a dash of green moss, they make a great gift for on the go! And don’t worry, we’ve got twig baskets for indoors too! Spring plants are a great way to say happy spring to a neighbor, thank your holiday host, add a splash of color to your porch, or simply plop on your kitchen table as a festive decoration!

Grab a basket of spring at our Guilford Garden Mart or our North Branford store right next to the potting bench in our greenhouse. Come visit me at the potting bench for container tips and tricks, or even a custom planting, big or small, of your own. I’d love to help you add a splash of spring to your home!