How to protect your trees & shrubs in winter

stacey tips art 1

The Boxwoods, Rhododendrons, Hollies, Azaleas, and Arborvitaes were all hanging out around the birdbath that sits between the properties of two neighbors, the Protectors & the Forgetters. They often get together to chat about insects, diseases, and deer that have been bothering them. This time they joined to discuss the upcoming winter. All of them at the Forgetters home were dreading the upcoming winter. “We get so dry that our leaves ache. And forget about the sunburn! It takes us all spring to recover from that. Our owners have no idea how we suffer in the winter.” The Boxwoods and Rhododendrons at the Protectors were kind of looking forward to a winter rest. They did not suffer like their friends next door. “What is your secret? How could you possibly be looking forward to the cold, drying winds and hot, burning sun!?” The trees and shrubs figured they should share their secret considering they were their good friends.

With the first wind that came by, the Boxwoods and Rhodies leaned into their friends and whispered “Wilt-Pruf”. “Wilt-Pruf is our secret. They shower us in it every year around Thanksgiving. It keeps us warm and cozy throughout the winter. At first, it is a little sticky. It is a natural pine resin. Once it dries, we enjoy it immensely. Its waxy layers keep us from drying out and protect us from the sun. It is flexible too. We can still stretch our branches and sway easily in the breeze.” The trees and shrubs at the Forgetters could not believe that there was a possible miracle that could give them some relief through the long winter.

The Rhododendrons at the Protectors raved about Wilt-Pruf. “My leaves used to all curl up and get brown at the tips before Wilt-Pruf. The Protectors don’t spray us right now. They wait until closer to Thanksgiving or the beginning of December. We need to harden off before they spray us down. My Arborvitaes friends, you should definitely wait a little longer until you harden off. I don’t want you to get damaged. I do know that our owners never spray us when the temperatures are under 40. After all, we don’t want Wilt-Pruf freezing on our tender branches. Wilt-Pruf is the best thing that ever happened to us!”

The Arborvitaes at the Forgetters house had some hope again. If only they could get the homeowners to use Wilt-Pruf! But how? The Azaleas had an idea. “When the Protectors come to spray our leaves we will knock the empty bottle out of their hands with the first wind.” The Arborvitaes chimed in. “Great idea and then we will hide the empty bottle under our branches for the Forgetters to find.” They all raised their branches in joy. “Let’s hope our plan works, exclaimed the Hollies. We really could use some winter help. Wilt-Pruf to the rescue!”