You don’t need to wait for Spring to start a new planting project… terrarium building makes an excellent family activity or weekend project. Follow the steps below to get started today!

Step 1: Picking your Container

A good terrarium container is anything clear! Look for the perfect glass or plastic container that matches the decor of your home. The opening of the glass can be big or small, depending on what size plants you prefer to add.

Step 2: Constructing your Terrarium

The key to making a healthy environment in your terrarium is to work in layers.

  • First, add 1/2-1″ of coarse sand, gravel, or pebbles. This is the drainage layer that will capture excess moisture.
  • Add a thin layer of charcoal granules. Charcoal keeps odors from developing.
  • Add a layer of Sphagnum Moss. Moss keeps soil from seeping into the drainage layer.
  • Add 1/2-1″ of well-draining, fertile potting soil.

Step 3: Build your Terrarium

Begin by adding your preferred plants. Simply dig a small hole and use a spoon or mini shovel to cover the roots with soil. For a more interesting design, use an odd number of plants. this will heighten the organic nature of the terrarium. Try not to crowd the plants too much as they will grow into each other.

After you have added your plants, several different decorative options can be added to a terrarium to enhance the aesthetic you are going for. If you are trying to create a more naturalistic environment, sticks and rocks are a great addition. Some people may prefer to add small statues or figurines to create a more fantastical aesthetic.

If you are having difficulty sourcing the substrate materials for your terrarium, we have everything you need here at the garden center! Simply stop by our North Branford location and we will help you with whatever you need.