Tropical Paradise

I think we have all dreamed of being able to re-create that feeling we get when we are on vacation in the tropics.

The large palms, beautiful flowering trees, and fragrant climbing vines have a few of us doing our best to transform our yards into our own personal oasis, that we can come home to every night.

What are your favorites? Here are a few of ours here at Van Wilgen’s.

  • Robellini Palm – If you are looking for the typical palm tree you see in Florida this would be your choice, only in a smaller manageable size perfect for your patio. ( my personal favorite). Sun-loving
  • Adonidia Palm—Also known as the Christmas palm in Florida, because of the flowers and berries it produces around Christmas time in Florida. This palm is also an easy-care plant its self-cleaning which means when fronds die off they shed and fall off by themselves. And we can’t forget that this palm is also on the deer-resistant list. Sun-loving.
  • Majesty Palm—A great robust palm with graceful feathery type fronds. Although this plant can be planted out on your patio it does much better in bright but indirect lighting conditions.
  • Tropical Hibiscus—What can I say, if you’re looking for a big show of color, this is your plant. This plant produces exotic large flowers, that will bloom from now thru fall. Loves full sun and lots of water. (Tip to remember) This plant likes to be slightly potbound this sends all the energy up to those beautiful flowers.
  • Mandevilla vines—These vines have become a very popular plant over the last few years. The trumpet-shaped flowers not only look amazing climbing up a trellis, but here at the greenhouse, the hummingbirds have been adding this plant to their (favorites list).
  • Star Jasmine—If you are looking for a plant to block those nosey neighbors, this is your plant. Not only is this one of the most fragrant tropical for your patio, but its foliage also becomes a strong vine, creating a barrier where needed. Sun-loving but can handle some shade.
  • Gardenia—There is nothing like walking into our tropical paradise here at Van Wilgen’s and smelling all the gardenia’s every day. They’re the best smelling flowering plant in my opinion. Like the hibiscus, this plant does better slightly pot bound, and likes its water. It is a plant that will do better in an indirect lighting situation like a covered porch.

With a combination of any of the above, you can surely make that tropical oasis we all dream about. Just in time for summer.