What’s Coming When?

This is a question we get all the time, so we put together a list just for you! Keep in mind these are estimated dates that depend on the weather. Scroll down for a quick guide to when you can expect our most anticipated plants will be in stock!


WEEK OF 4/10

Trees & Shrubs: Butterfly Bush(Dormant), Larger Green Giants, Clethra

Perennials: Iris, Ferns (Very Limited Selection), Clematis, Beebalm, Lamb’s Ear, Fox Glove, Campanula

Greenhouse: Tropicals: Hibiscus, Mandevilla, Gardenia, Dipladenia, Eugenia, Cordyline, Alocasia Small Bird of Paradise, Small Robellini palms, Kimberly Queen Ferns, Hibiscus and Mandevilla Annuals: Geraniums, Petunia, Lobelia, Nemesia, Euphorbia, Osteo Daisy, Cuphea, Allysum, Sun Patiens, Coleus, Dracena Herbs: Almost full Selection, Citrosa, Lemon Grass Veggies: Lettuce, and cool weather

WEEK OF 4/17

Trees & Shrubs: Sod likely to be available, Lilacs, Mop Head Hydrangea, Rose of Sharon (Limited Selection/Dormant), Emerald Green Arbs 7’+

Perennials: Poppies, Ground Cover Flats, Honey Suckle, Allium, Huechera (Full Selection), Hollyhocks, Astilbe, bleeding hearts, baptisia, Big week to fill up with a lot of the misc. oddball plants we carry

Greenhouse: Tropicals: Milford and Clinton arrive at the marts

WEEK OF 4/24

Perennials: Roses, Red Hot Poker Plant, Small Climbing Hydrangea, VW Walkables, Cone Flower (Limited selection)

Greenhouse: Tropicals: Cannas, Bougainvillea, and patio mandevillas, Large palms (Majesty, robellini, adonia) Large Manedavilla/Hibiscus and Large bird of paradise boston fern Annuals: Fuschia, Marigold, Stock, Snap Dragons, Annuals: Fuschia, Marigold, Stock, lysmacia, splash plant, bacopa, million bells, vinva vine, dracena, cordyline, more petunias Veggies: Tomatoes (Small Selection including Tomato Towers) more petunias Veggies: Tomatoes (Small Selection including Tomato Towers) Combo Cones, Baskets, and more HB’s



Trees & Shrubs: Blue Mist Shrub

Perennials: Ornamental Grasses (Limited Selection), Hosta, Coreposis, Lily of the Valley

Greenhouse: Tropicals: Citrus, Figs, Jasmine Annuals: Second Bath of Tomatoes, most veggies, NG Impatiens, dahlia, verbena, angelonia, salvia, sweet potato vine, Morning glory, moonflower, thunbergia, dichondra, celosia,


Perennials: Ferns (Full selection)

Greenhouse: Some Red Fountain Grass, Lantana, portulaca, scavolea, Impatien flats, and more flavors of flats

WEEK OF 5/15

Perennials: Trumpet Vine

Greenhouse: Veggies: Full Selection of veggies including weirdo varieties

WEEK OF 5/22

Greenhouse: vinca rosea, full selection of red fountain grass

WEEK OF 5/29

Perennials: Ornamental Grasses (Full selection)