Peonies are Garden Classics!

Posted on April 28th, 2017

Peonies are garden classics!  They’ve earned their classic status with
their easy care and their incredible longevity.  To get them to be
spectacular and long lived, follow a few easy steps.

Skip the big spring fertilizing, your peonies were busy building roots
last fall.  Adding a granulated, bulb fertilizer like Bulb-tone lightly
around the base of your plants, is all the spring fertilizing you’ll
need to do.  Watch for Gray Mold or Botrytis on shoots.  If you spot the
mold, spray with Copper Fungicide to control.  As for ants on peonies,
they are part of life and not really a sign of serious consequences.
You’ll do better to just ignore them.

By now, the red shoots of peonies are turning green and spring blooms
are about a month away, but now is the time to put out those cages and
peony hoops.  It’s easier to do them earlier than later.  If you are
planting new ones, Van Wilgens offers newer varieties with singles
flowers.  These varieties are just as fragrant and seldom require
staking or hoops.

Pretty simple!  More questions?  Stop by and see us!  We’ll help fill in
the blanks.

John Franke, Old Saybrook Garden Mart